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Experiment for cornering

Some rounded 90° angles for CNC acceleration testing Here’s what I tried: 10cm or more straight, then a 90° turn with radius of 0-9cm in 1cm increments. Finally, another straight line.


My parameters allow the machine to go as fast as 200mm/sec with an acceleration of 400mm/sec². So acceleration length is 50mm which means that radiuses with this size or bigger should be able to run with full machine speed. Feed is max machine speed, so 12m/min. In my case, the machine even runs 45°combined with both axes, so the individual axis’ acceleration is again reduced.

This being said, the machine should run at least the first 6 lines (counted from the right) with full 12m/min.

The result

Still, I see the machine slow down to 6m/min or lower in the corners. All corners. Also the ones with a very big radius. My LAF config is stock (3° angle) and the machine really uses G2/G3 instead of linear line interpolation so this might not even apply.

Machine reduces speed for curves that could be run full-steam ahead


The G-code for this drawing with a pen is really simple:

(Nr. 1: Gravur 10)
G00 X321.4209 Y-141.4210
G00 Z-1.5000
G01 Z-2.0000 F4500 S0
G01 Z-2.0200
G01 X243.6392 Y-63.6396 F12000
G02 Y63.6396 I63.6396 J63.6396
G01 X321.4209 Y141.4210
G00 Z22.0000

First, the machine zooms (G00) to XY coordinates of the starting point, then goes from safety Z to Z0, finally to target Z (G01). Then it starts with the first line segment (G01). After that’s complete, it draws a quarter circle with radius of 90mm (G02). Then, it draws the bottom line (G01) and goes back to safety height Z (G00).

All G00 commands are executed with full speed as expected. The same is true for the G01 commands (where acceleration limits allow). But for G02, the speed is lower and I do not understand why.

Open question

Why does the machine slow down to half speed even on big radiuses? I tried with another drawing, it is reproduceable with this one for all radiuses although they should all work with maximum feed as well. Maybe I made a mistake in the machine config? Forms and tolerance test drawing


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