AnywhereAmps - Alpha 1.1

Mobile Instrument Amplifier/Cabinet combo prototype Version 1.1, evolving from AnywhereAmps Alpha.

Project stats

  • Difficulty: easy 2/5
  • Cost: ~200€
  • Time: 3h

Updates over Alpha 1.0:

  • Add power supervisor circuitry to protect both amplifier and battery pack from abnormal voltage levels / currents
  • Integrate on/off switch in potentiometer
  • Reduce complexity by using high efficiency full-range speaker instead of 3-speaker 2-way system
  • Add high efficiency switching buck converter to generate 9V effects voltage rail
  • Save construction time by using custom printed circuit board featuring preamp, step-down converter, and power supervisor
  • Save construction time by delegating most of the woodworks to a portal milling machine CNC1

This page is currently under development!

Building different variants this time for best audio capabilities.

  • Alpha 1.0: 30W bridged amp, 4” bass and 2x piezo tweeters: HiFi-esque sound with punchy lows and clear highs, limited on the max volume side
  • Alpha 1.1 v1: 30W bridged amp, 4” PA driver, good volume and high presence, but underrepresented lows and highs
  • Alpha 1.1 v2: 30W bridged amp, 4” PA driver and passive membrane, fixing low-end
  • Alpha 1.1 v3: 2x15W biamped, 2x3.2” mid-high speakers, 8” subwoofer - under construction

I’ll continue writing here once I selected the best variant.

  1. Computerized Numerical Control